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Sertifikasi Perawatan Sumur PT PERTAMINA EP ASSET 1 FIELD JAMBI


20 November 2017

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Since humans are born, humans have been accustomed to communicate and express her desire. Verbal & non verbal communication are interrelated and support one with growing lainnya.Seseorang with freedom of communication will be different with someone who is not accustomed to communicating in the family. Someone who can express and communicate who he is & the expertise it has an example of someone who can win the competition to grab the opportunity kerja.Dan someone who has effective communication skills & decent job & be able to delegate its authority well. In life - day , communication skills are skills that are not owned by the absolute, which means the ability to communicate can be changed and improved into a better direction through courage & training (practical practice). we can not know the person's skills to communicate and see the results we did. Thus, in many cases, communication plays a very important role in daily life - today and in the world Business. In world of work & business - communication plays a very complex on the outcome of the work / business page. All sales and business relationships based on communication between humans. Because it improves the ability to communicate is one of the most important factors affecting success in business & work.

Posted day : 05 July 2013
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